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Frustrated with HC floating !!! Salvageable?

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Okay, so I started with a sloped scape and planted HC emersed for a few weeks. The back (elevated) portion of the tank thrived.

I flooded my tank last night only to have the front (35%) of the tank float up as the roots did not hold/thrive due to muddy flooding at the shallow end of the front during the emersed period.

1. My question is that would the rest in the mid and background eventually send runners all the way to the front and cover the entire tank?

2. I was otherwise planning to order another pot of HC and plant them with a little of the rock-wool to anchor them down

5.5 gallon
1-2bps CO2
27w PC light 10 hrs/day

Suggestions anyone?

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Eventually they will send runners, but it could take some time submerged.
So you would just wait for those runners instead of adding new pots with rock wool anchors?
It will eventually send runners and fill in, but IME unless you are very dilligent with pruning your HC and keeping it short this will not be the last time you have the issue. My HC looked great, but everyday I would come home to find a corner of my carpet somewhere in the tank lifting up and floating. You need to keep cutting it short or the buoyancy of the leaves lift and uproot it.
You can do both very sloped and bottom at the same time, you just have to do it correctly. To really get this right you need a ton of time and patience.

You'll have to constantly wet the top part, but meanwhile maintain the lowest part of the tank to keep it above water and still damp. The best way to do that is probably to take a mister and spray over it generously in the morning/ evening or both (mostly on the top portion, where the steep slope is). Keeping the substrate very moist but not enough to flood the tank. Also keep seran wrap or plastic over the tank to keep humidity in.
He already flooded it - if you want to drain it and try again, just elevate the front of the tank by putting a book under it or something.
Yeah already flooded it... but now I'm thinking of draining it and planting the foreground with some new pots of HC and wait...

yeah, I did keep a saran wrap and mist the ground cover - but I think there were a little too much water at the very front...

1. No issues with draining and re-flooding in a few weeks time?

2. That means I'd have to clean my filters, etc.?
That would take a while to fill in. It really depends on how you feel about it. I would drain and replant. If you go this route, only fill the water line to the front and just mist the tank a few time a day. I used a turkey baser to suck up the water that started to puddle in the front. This would help your HC root and spread faster. Good luck and BTW, the hard scape looks great. It's going to look awesome once it's all filled in.
Antbug, thanks - that's what I think I am going to attempt.

Draining tonight/tomorrow and will replant over the weekend. Then, I guess it's meditating and waiting.
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