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Frustrated-Please help!

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I've had my planted tank set up for about 8 months. The plants I bought were supposed to be hardy and easy for beginners but most of them have gradually died off. Things have been better since I added CO2 but still not great. I have observed plenty of new plant growth in the plants that I still have but the leaves develop holes, turn yellow or brown, and start to decay and fall off. I am also having an algae problem. Here is some info about my tank and a couple of pics:

Lighting: 36" TrueLumen Pro LED 8000K
Water: Tap water with tap water conditioner added
Water changes: 25% every two weeks
Substrate: EcoComplete
Fertilizers: Flourish Trace and Aqueon Aquarium Plant Food (not measuring, just pouring in a little bit a couple of days/week.:icon_eek:)
Fish: 5-danios, 5 red-eye tetras, 1-gold nugget pleco, 3-burmese border loaches, 1- boesemani rainbow

I have more pics but for some reason I can only attach two.

If you know what I'm doing wrong, please respond.


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ur not adding any macro nutrients to start

flourish trace and aqueon plant food are micro nutrient mixes. have u tested ur nitrate and phosphate levels lately?
and those also have pretty classic potassium deficiencies as well without purchasing a bunch of ferts. ur tap water probably has so potassium in it. u may want to try changing a little more and run the lighting for a few hours less per day to start

light drives the need for all the above
What size tank are you using? A 36 inch long light makes me wonder if it is a 40 gallon breeder tank, about 17 inches high. If it is you probably are woefully short of nutrients for the plants, as HD Blazingwolf said. That light is enough to make the plants try to grow pretty fast, so they need to be fertilized to be able to do so.
If I were you, I would keep it simple and just do EI dosing, you can buy all the dry ferts you need relatively cheep, and while it may seem daunting at first, once you get the concept down in your head it operates rather smoothly
I guess it is a breeder tank. It's L-36"xW-12" and about 20" deep.

What is EI dosing?
1) You didn't mention water, water change method & water heater/temperature or tank size?
2) What Co2 are u using DIY or tank?
3) Circulation PWRhead and/or CO2 Diffusion?
4) List of dying plants?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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