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FroZenbarb? 10 Gal?

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Yes i finally got pictures of my 10 gallons my first planted tank besides my 5 gallon that looked like crap the specs are

10 gallon
hood light 15watts shop light 15 watt
Eco COmplete
Diy Co2
Iron Fert
Foil Backround, it looks nice

Fancy Guppies too much to count
5 - 4 Amano shrimps

and lot of plants which i dont even know half of

happy chiNese New Year
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Isn't Chinese New year already done? Or was that Cambodian new year. I remember my friend said that yesterday was the last day.

Tripod is your best friend. I hate seeing GOOD tanks in a blurry presentation. What's that you're using for your background? Foil? Nice guppies. Seems your hairgrass could to a little more growing in. Did you plant them recently? It's a very cool tank.

I love how Y.A.A. "members" almost all have a 10 gallon LOL.
Chinese New Year, or rather Lunar New Year (which is more politically correct), starts tomorrow and runs through Tuesday.
Nice tank! It should look better when the hair grass fills in. Also maybe a few more stems in the back.

Yeah today is Tet...the new year celebrated in Viet Nam...
Chuc mung nam muoi!

It starts 12am!

sweet tank, how long was it set up for?
least then 9 days haha lol the hairgrass was annoyin i got a nice chuck of it and it woudnt stay on the ground my head was gettin dizzy tryin to seperate it so i got it and rip them apart and planted them in
is that a jack dempsey in the middle?
its a flowerhorn im transfering it to my 5 gallon til its good enough for my 55 gallon
looking good! I recognize all of those *wink*
Nice job~
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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