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Frozen Hikari brine shrimp nutrition

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I've read that adult brine shrimp aren't very nutritious, because the nutrient-filled sac the babies carry is gone.

I'm using frozen Hikari brine shrimp. They've got "added vitamins", but aren't gut packed.

Is there any nutritional advantage to using this over just regular fish food? Flake food also has "added vitamins".

I also feed bloodworms. I'm trying to raise some young angelfish to a decent size
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Sadly, no.

Odd... since feeding brine shrimp my tank has become cloudy, with small white particles floating about...

I'll change my filter floss
I feed the spirulina-enriched brine. And I alternate with frozen daphnia, mysis, bloodworms, and a good staple flake food (I like the mixed flakes from They've got some great starter foods for juvie angels, too- I'd check them out.
They definitely have some good foods, I've also used their sponge filters, including the 'active' ones, for instant cycling on fresh tanks.(I ran a test on this to see if it works, it does)

Steve is a great guy to do business with.

I prefer using microworms, but I hatch out bbs every day as well.

I've used the frozen bbs, I think they just hatch and freeze em, maybe inject some vitamins in there. All I know is with any kind of thawed food it will muck up the tank water in no time, so it's best to use very sparingly.

Ever tried using decapped brine shrimp eggs? I have a metric ton of this stuff and just use it when I don't have time to deal with live food.
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