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Frozen blood worms for shrimp

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I noticed there are people feed shrimp with frozen bloods worms once per week. I havent try this before and I want to learn more about this food for shrimp. How does it work? Does it sink easy for shrimp to eat? How much amount you feed each time?

Please share your experience thanks
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Defrost the worms in tank water (cup or something). Pour defrosted worms into tank. The worms will sink easily to the bottom even with strong flow. The shrimp will do the rest.

I break off a frozen chunk about the size of my thumb once a week for 300+ RCS (200 of those being babies which don't eat much.
The last time I fed this to mine they didn't seem very interested. It had freezer burns on it however because the part that I gave them had been opened. Either comes in
those little individual pop out cube packages or a solid slab which you break a piece from.
If I could afford those high dollar shrimp, then likely I'd feed them high dollar food like some of that shrimp food from someone on here who makes it.
But since that's not me...I at least want food that is weighed in ozs and not grams.
Petco has a food that is $5 for 5 ozs(in the on-line, not sure about the store) which
has fish listed as the first ingredient but soy meal as the second. Has 49% protien
and I notice more breeding/w it. I have many types of fish food which they get a variety of though. No special "shrimp food".
Oh, the Petco food says "Carnivore Pellets" on the container.
There are only about 7-10 adult shrimp in their tank but about 60 others of various ages
so they use up a lot of food. I also feed them canned cut green beans and Asperagus.
Walmart has small cans of the Asperagus with pieces about 1" long which dissappear
overnight in there. The smaller ones only last a couple of hrs at most.
The unexposed(no freezer burns)frozen bloodworms I occasionally use and just put it in there frozen. It will sink in a couple of minuits.
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I agree with feed once a week. Does it change water parameters? I do have good amount of high cost foods as well in my collection, but I just want to try something new and see if it improve more for shrimp.
I feed bloodworms about once a week and the shrimps love it. To prepare, I just break off a piece then use a pair of tweezers and drop it into a feeding dish. It definitely sinks all the way to the bottom. Since I only have about 30 or so shrimp, I feed very little a cube lasts me almost a month and a half. I eyeball it to about one worm a shrimp, and almost all of it gets eaten
I feed my tigers bloodworms once every 10 days or so.. My other shrimp once every 2-3 weeks
I use them Master, but most of you already now that. :)
Alright, tonight i try some for my pfr and one tank of cbs .. Pfr so far like it but cbs not yet because this tank i only have 5 ... I dont want put in other high grade shrimp yet heeh
a tank of 5 will hardly go after it because the tank is so full of food via biofilm etc. Once yu have them in colony they go crazy.
Thanks Sean. I will keep that in mind. I will try to feed the worms for my pure line tanks, will see if they like it or not
I feed frozen bw to the other fish in my tank and I do notice cherries pick at them.
What is the selling feature of BW? I assume they are high in protein...
Today I feed the BW to my pure shrimps tank. It seem like they do fight over for it. I will keep track them and the water levels.
The benefit is simple. "Live foods" aka not processed food tend to help condition animals better. Conditioning means, helps to reproduce... Yes I do believe they have more protein
sorry for digging up this up, but i have a question. how long can i keep the bw in the freezer?
bw= boyfriend's wife?

Until the cops find her, I guess.... *ducks and runs*
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