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Well, I stopped by my local Petco today and saw an All-Glass 16g bowfront on clearance for $46, so I grabbed it. I thought it would be a great way to consolodate my nano tanks and give the shrimp/dwarf crays their own 5.5g.

It came with a 19W strip fixture with a 15W bulb. I imagine I'll be replacing that with something else in a bit. I bought a 20# bag of CaribSea "instant aquarium" Peace River substrate and added 10# of peace river and the filter from one of the nanos for the bacteria. I also took what plants and wood I had from the 2 nanos and put em in. Everything looks so

Anyhoo, all of the fish are lurking near the bottom. Hopefully soon some will take advantage of the extra swimming room.

Current inhabitants:

3x CPD
6x Burma Gold Spot danios
8x pygmy cories
6x Ember tetras

3x java fern
11x strands of anacharis

I have never had a tank this BIG (I know you guys with 40+ are snickering at me now :hihi:) so I'm almost as freaked out as the fish, but I couldn't pass up the deal.

I'm not going to do any of that CO2 stuff, so it will be low light. I have Flourish Excel on the way, and I'm gonna get a timer.

I have 3 questions for you guys that are more accustomed to large(r) tanks:

1. Are there any low light plants more appropriate to this sized tank I should consider?
2. Is there a fave 18" flourescent bulb out there I should get?
3. And when I get the bulb, how many hours a day should I run it to try to avoid algae explsions?



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Just google low light undemanding plants and you'll get a laundry list. Types that have been free of trouble for my low light set ups are: java fern, java moss, wisteria, cryptocorynes, anubias, pennywort, hygro, many of the swords, etc. Make sure you don't bury the root base or rhizome of the java fern under the gravel as it will rot. Better off rigging it up to driftwood or between larger stones.

I'd be careful with how many fish you're stocking in that tank also, especially so quickly. A 16 gallon tank holds less than 16 gallons of water when all is said and done. I'd re-home either the burma gold spots or the ember tetras. Around 10 fish give or take, and you're fully stocked in a 16. Not 23 fish.

Definitely get your water tested since the tank just started up, most pet stores test for free. If your tests start showing signs of high ammonia/nitrite do a lot of partial water changes every few days to avoid losing fish, and until things become stable.
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