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Frogbit & Hang on filter

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Would the hang on filter tear up the frogbit and dwarf water lettuce? Or would it be fine moving around constantly? Just wondering because I am receiving some here shortly.
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You might have to 'corral' them (to keep stationary) if your HOB causes harm.
It should be ok, just keep the water line high.
I was thinking about superglueing a piece of clear airline tubing to each side of the aquarium to keep it away from the filter? But i dont know about supergluing the glass. Would it be okay?
With an HOB and floaters you might get some churning around the output but it shouldnt be an issue really. Careful what you ask for though. Some floaters can get out of control quickly. I added duckweed and water lettuce to one of my tanks and kind of regret it. Constantly have to remove it otherwise it will block light. I just tore that tank down and cleaning out the floaters was really annoying...
Hmm well ill have to try and see. Well anyways this is what i did.
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That look pretty nifty, and should do the trick nicely!
Haha thanks! I thought it would be better than glueing it directly to the glass.
That might be hard to keep your water level in a range where its effective. Good idea though. Depends how diligent you are with your tank. That would never work for me... lol
Lol, I do water top offs every morning so it will work haha.
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