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Frog Terrarium Supplies

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I stumbled into this sight while looking for natural cork bark,
and discovered a wide variety of items that maybe could be
adapted for fully submerged use with fish and shrimp tanks.

buyer beware: all items are sold for immersed or dry use,
and can not be returned simply because you got them wet.

hmmm, I just did a search and it seems a lot of
Vivarium/Terrarium people know about this site :icon_roll
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Black Jungle has a nice variety of plants, but they are pretty high on their prices and the plants they send out always seem to be very very tiny. Especially for the cost. I have ordered from them a couple times and now I kind of stick with trading plants and what not. Not bashing them, it just seems like they could send a plant that is atleast 3 times the size for how much they charge. Also I have heard some feedback that suggests their communication is not that great with shipping rates and other stuff. I have never had a problem in that category...
good to know, since I was mostly impressed with their tank decor materials.
I may buy 2 cork caves, then push them together to make a wide hollow log.
They attend trade shows near me regularly, so I may check them out there.
I just went to their store on Friday! It's Vivarium heaven!! They have some awesome cork bark tubes that I don't believe are listed on their website. Prices are a bit high but the plants they have are almost impossible to find anywhere else(at least where I buy my palnts). They will also be at the White Plains Reptile Expo Jan 5-6th. I'm driving down there to pick up some frogs on 1/5.
awesome cork bark tubes.
from what you could tell, was the cork completely intack?
or some cork bits molded together by some sort of resin?
from what you could tell, was the cork completely intack?
or some cork bits molded together by some sort of resin?
From what I know, They have full cork tubes no resin or anything.

They are a great store, still haven't gone but have browsed the website countless times since around 2002 probably. Also have seen them at a show.

Prices are a bit higher but thats expected for a small business and not a hobbiest.

Also check out frogbroms I think Antone's website is still but he is changing names because he just did a major greenhouse expansion.


The cork tubes looked like one piece to me.
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