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Friend or Foe

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Found this guy and a couple of his bro's cruzing around. Should i be worried? Anyways i have noticed some other of my hitch hiker snails have disappeared. Thanks in advance


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Looks to be just a malaysian trumpet snail (MTS). Totally harmless. They burrow in your substrate during the day and come out at night. I like them.
I like them because they don't stay on the glass long like pond snails do. I mean, sometimes they do, but not nearly as often. They don't eat a lot of algae but they'll do a good job cleaning up extra food and fish poop. I've noticed since I've put them in my 5.5 that instead of solid fish poop I have a "powder" when I vacume the substrate. I have to only guess it's their poop instead LOL

I welcome them in all of my tanks.
Thanks guys for the input, made my day to know that i'm not going to have to fear for plants, hahaha. Thanks again
I like them, but I'm one of those pro-snails people.

I noticed that after the first month or two, I have very little detritus visible on my substrate (flourite black sand). I'm wondering if the MTS sorta 'churn' the detritus into the substrate.

Anyways, I like them, and feel they are fairly beneficial, and don't see many disadvantages to them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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