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planted + has got to go. red light has no benefit in a reef tank. your also going to need a protein skimmer. a small HOB unit should be sufficient for a 20 gallon. fine grain sand is a must (no. 2 argonite is what i use) live rock is a must as well, general rule is about two lbs per gallon. for lighting look into an LED system with a two channel dimmer. you can dial in your color to suit your needs. other then that, occelaris clown fish are good beginner fish and stay away from damselfish, they get pretty aggressive. good luck with saltwater, its one heck of a ride :)

p.s. take it slow when starting up. cycle with live rock for a few weeks before you add any fish. patience is a virtue when it comes to a reef tank.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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