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I have the following itmes from my freshwater planted aquarium that I need to sell. I am moving into an apartment too small for my 55 gallon long and my parents want this out of their house ASAP!

Coralife Aqualight compact flourescent light strip x2:
"High quality compact fluorescent light fixtures at affordable prices. Each Aqualight fixture provides more than twice the light output than normal output fluorescent light fixtures of comparable size. Features a stylish yet durable anodized aluminum housing with on/off switch and an energy efficient internal electronic ballast for reliable and lasting performance. Highly polished reflector maximizes light output and distributes it evenly across your aquarium. Protective acrylic lens cover prevents water splashes from coming into direct contact with lamps. Coralife Aqualights are the easy and affordable way to upgrade standard fluorescent lighting systems. Freshwater compact fluorescent strip lights include 6700°K compact fluorescent lamp(s) ideal for freshwater planted aquariums.
Purchased from Dr Foster and Smith 6 months ago. Bulbs are in great shape and have at least a year of brightness left in them!
Paid $150.00 each
Selling $75.00 each or $120.00 for both!!

ESU Coralife Aqualight Digital Power Center
The Aqualight Digital Power Center is a 24 hour day-night alternating timer device that is ideal for all Aqualight lighting systems. The unit can be set to turn on/off 7 times per day at different days of the week. The Aqualight Digital Power Center has 4 constant power outlets and 4 alternating timer-controlled outlets (2 daytime and 2 nighttime) to make the day and night lighting applications easier to manage. The digital feature allows the alternating timer to set the day-night cycle at different times of the day at different days of the week. Note: When the 2 daytime timer-controlled outlets are on, the 2 nighttime timer-controlled outlets are off. Designed for indoor use only. UL Listed; 1875 watts max.; 15 amp. Shipping weight: 1 1/2 lbs.
Paid $40.00 from Dr Foster and Smith
Selling $15.00

5lb Co2 Cylinder (empty)
Stamped 12/08. Very easy to fill at any paintball shop. I have used Peev's in Chantilly with no problems, 15 bucks to fill and lasts 6 plus months on a 55g!
Paid: $100.00
Selling $40.00

Ma957 Co2 Regulator Milwaukee
Includes a Integrated bubble counter.
Premium solenoid valve great for automation of precision controlling of co2 in many applications with the sms122 controller.
Can be set up on a timer for on off cycles.
Paid $80.00
Selling $40.00

I have a ton of large seachem plants ferts and PH buffers, most are almost full. If you are interested in buying all the items, I am happy to throw them in gratis. I have a 55 gallon long that is in excellent condition with stand that I will need to sell at some point also, let me know if you are interested and I will send pictures - it is gorgeous.

Happy to send pictures, but please only serious purchasers! I am moving into my first apartment and am very limited on time. I promise to not waste yours and have been truthful in descriptions, please extend me the same.

Prices are all OBO! If you are interested in all the pieces please name a price!! Not one of these is over 6 months old!!

[email protected]

I'm not sure about shipping - especially the lights. I live in Gainesvile, VA. I am sure we can work something out if you want to ship within CONUS!


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