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UPDATE 11/26/2012: Hard freeze did some damage so not many left. Some of the younger leaves are still ok but probably only have about 40 or so I can get off the plants.

Fresh stinging nettle leaves available. Please read entire ad before purchasing. I know it's long, I apologize for the inconvenience.

20 leaves for $6 ppd in First Class envelope with leaves sealed in a ziplock bag. Can also ship Priority for an extra $5. Leaves will be picked fresh and shipped the same day as picked. I am only at the farm in the mornings during the weekdays so most of the time they will ship the next day after receiving payment. Any payments made on Fridays will have to wait for shipment to happen on Monday since I am not there on the weekends.

**** WARNING**** Stinging nettles STING. They can cause a burning sensation and rash due to histamines in the little hairs that cover the leaves and plant. I use gloves when picking them just to err on the side of caution. Once boiled they should not cause any issues to you but I recommend handling them with gloves prior to boiling I'm not responsible for any rash or burns (the rash DOES go away on its own). Also not responsible for any shrimp you put these in the tank with. I have been feeding them fresh for over a week now to my CRS, PFR, RCS and OEBTS with no ill effects and would consider them safe to feed any of my own stock. But any time I buy any sort of feedstuff, whether it's processed, leaves or organic veggies from my local grocery store, I assume a certain amount of risk. You should as well. Since there are many weeds out there that can look like stinging nettle I took a plant to the local Agricultural Extension office to confirm that this is indeed stinging nettle before I began feeding them. And of course, it was confirmed:)

These are coming from our 140 acre farm out of two particular horse pastures that are neither sprayed nor fertilized. The farm is in the middle of nowhere with nobody living within at least a mile in all directions.

Leaves of the stinging nettles I have are relatively small in size if you are used to leaves from trees. Most average about 1-2" wide by about 3" long but will vary. I will pick 20 good sized leaves and throw in a couple of smaller leaves in case your shrimp prefer the newer growth more.

How I have been preparing these is boiling them for 3-5 minutes, you can go longer, they don't fall to mush like spinach does. Then I separate them onto a paper plate, stick in the freezer for about 20 minutes, then put them in a ziplock baggie for future feeding. My shrimp go nuts as soon as it goes into the tank, then they leave it alone for a few hours then within 48 hours there is no leaf left!

Payments accepted via Paypal. NO GIFT PAYMENTS. You must send the payment for 'GOODS'. Any gift payments will be refunded and you will be asked to resend it properly. Message me for Paypal info and to place an order.

I do not have an overabundance of these plants so stock will eventually run out and I will have to wait for the growing season to collect more.

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