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Stinging nettle leaves – approximately 2-4” in length though will vary. Plucked fresh in the evening, shipped the next morning. I am only out at this property 2-3 times per week. Most shipping is done on Mondays. These fields are NOT sprayed with any chemicals.

How to feed: I boil them for approximately 3 minutes, then freeze. I break off smaller pieces to feed. Shrimps go to this just like they would spinach or kale, it’s not like Indian Almond Leaves that are meant to provide biofilm. They are shipped fresh, not dried. It is a food source and very nutritious for all shrimp. Please note, stinging nettle leaves have little fuzzy like barbs on them that ‘sting’ or can cause a mild burning sensation after handling. Rather, they can if you are sensitive to them, so be careful handling them until they are boiled. They don’t sting after boiling in my experience.

Paypal payments are accepted. Must make out for goods/services ( no gift payments/friends/ family payments or they will be refunded). Message me for paypal addy.

$10 ppd First Class for 25 leaves
$16 ppd First Class for 50 leaves
$27 ppd First Class for 100 leaves

Larger packages available at deeper discounts. Other leaves available such as blackberry, hackberry, and mulberry thought mulberry will not be ready for another month still.

Photos provided were taken last night:)


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