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Fresh Start Cubus

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Hello. This is my 6th nano I am setting up and it will also be my smallest attempt. This is my first time keeping a journal.

Tank: Marina Cubus .9 gallon
Filtration: Deep Blue Nano
Light: Top Fin 1.5w LED - 14 white LEDS and 1 blue in the center
Substrate: Flourite Dark

I just snapped this pic after the driftwood was logged enough to take out the stone I had to weigh it down. I will be attempting to dose this tank (NPK, Iron, Flourish/Excel).

With this piece of driftwood there isn't a lot of room for planting. I am thinking some mosses/nano/petite on the wood and maybe a single type of plant that won't grow too big in the substrate. I really have no idea what to do with it at this point.

Next to this tank is a 8" Top Fin cube w/ a 13w CFL so I am considering planting the HOB and the emergent part of the driftwood and hoping there is enough spill off light to grow some plants emersed.

Thanks for reading. Suggestions welcomed.
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Looks cool, I'd suggest anubias petite or stardust, fissidens, or mini xmas moss, all can grow emersed or submerged and are very compact (anbuais might be most picky about humidity/needing wet leaves). Nice piece of wood btw, do you know what type it is?
Look forward to seeing what you do with this ^^
I really like the Cubus. I've setup a few of them. Personally I would keep it really low maintenance. I've always set them up without filtration. The tank is small and needs to refilled often anyway so I usually just refill with half tap and half from another tank that I'm already dosing.
I wanted to use aqua soil but I felt it would get blown around by the filter. I was originally considering doing dirt / no filter in this tank but I had this HOB left over from a 3 gallon (not enough flow) and the light left over from the Top Fin cube (not enough light) so I decided to just throw them together on the cubus. This is basically a collection of my smallest components that didn't work anywhere else.

I just looked at some of your tank journals houseofcards and you have some awesome cubus scapes!

I would love to hear some ideas on what you would do with my setup currently. I like the idea of emergent growth / wabi kasu style. I have more substrate to add if necessary, this is just a base layer.
Thanks Dru,

Yeah I like using big pieces in these little nanos like you have done with the wood and if you can add emergent growth that's great. I've done that with moss a few times and some other plants. I can't tell from the pic, but if the wood is leaning or touching the side glass then to me it's too big. It's also higher than the light which will probably throw things off. Definitely slop the substrate around the wood unless your going to plant heavily then you could just prune to shape. When you add big pieces of hardscape and slope the substrate your probably looking at like a few glasses of water which will evaporate quickly so the filter is kinda you know, but that's up to you.
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