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Fresh Meat!

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Hello everyone, My name is Aidan and im trying to start my very own aquascape. I know nothing about aquariums and the whole scene, im here to get guidance from everyone that is willing to help me.
Recently I got some used equiptments from a friend who got it from someone else, so he doesnt know alot either. My mission for this project is to have live plants and of course fish. I know this is going to be alot of work but i am willing and very excited.

These are the equiptments i have so far

48x13x20 tank i beleive its a 55 gallon. (maybe its too big for my first tank)
Eheim 2215 - i turned it on it seems to be making some noise
3 bags of eco-complete (20lbs each)
118 ml Bio-support (multi-purpose
118ml Aquarium Water Conditioner
fluorescent light assembly

What I've done so far.

-Found an area where i would want my tank to be, i know itd be difficult to move later in the future (its pretty big)
-Clean the eheim 2215 replaced the filters (i also recieved some) followed instructions on youtube
-Cleaned my tank, i did not use any detergent or soap
-I placed substrate into my tank (3 bags 20lbs each)
-Filled it with water, roughly 5" filled from the top

I tried setting up my Eheim 2215 in place but im having an issue. First of all the canister is missing a few clip on the side to secure the motor with the oring. I tried securing it myself by tying it (lol i know this might not do) tried pressing down on it so it would be sealed but its not pumping or sucking water out. I hear some sort of rattling inside the canister. I think its the impeller. I've cleaned it and made sure i put everything in place. Followed some instructions i've found. I only did this to see if it works. I've gone on youtube and i've watched some videos on priming and preparing the canister but no go. This is where im stuck, its either i get this fix or fix it myself or purchase a new filter system. Looking for suggestions on what to replace it with.

What i want to do is just to get started, getting my setup ready or at least running. I've read an article regarding the nitrogen cycle. I know this is very important.

I hope what i've wrote made sense, If i have done things wrong or left out any crucial information please tell me.
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You may get more attention if you changed the name of your thread. Just sayin'...
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The noise in the filter could be a dry running impeller. You should buy some clips for the filter and try starting it as per manufacturer instructions. If the filter still doesn't work you won't be out of a lot of money and then you can buy a new filter. Your tank is a 50 or 55 gallon. Welcome aboard you came to the right place.
The bigger the better!

We look forward to helping you
Yes, try to get the clips. Write the manufacturer ( Eheim) and ask them. No matter how well you jerry rig it up, it will leak without the proper clips. It will leak. Either air or water. Might help prime if you fill the filter with water before starting it
Good luck with the tank and welcome to the journey!
Thanks for the response. I have thought about it and instead of repairing the eheim filter, I will just purchase a new one. Although im not sure on which i should buy. I have been looking online to see whats best. Im looking at the Fluval 406, Marineland Magniflow 360, aquaclear 110 or the eheim 2217. I kind of like the aquaclear look. Would the aquaclear be a good choice?
Some simple things to help out getting started!
One is understanding the filter. I twill not pump/move air, only water. But if it is making noise, that means it is trying so what it needs is water!
Very important to not run it very long without water, though. There is a moving part (impeller) setting in a hole. The water helps to lube and cool it to avoid scratching and ruining it.

But to get it working? I suggest putting the canister/filter in a pan like a dishpan to catch any water you spill without the clips. Look online for Eheim parts and they are available several places, I would think. One spot to buy cli[ps but shop for better price?
Fill the hose that leads from the tank to the canister but leave all the can and other hose empty. you have cutoffs to close flow when the canister is removed from the tank? Take this tube to a sink to fill it with the cutoff closed is an easy way, then take it back to the can and put it on but don't open the cutoff until the end is under water. The filter is not a strong motor and will not pull water very high so the tank water needs to be somewhat near full. When this tube is in water and the other is also on the tank and connected, open all the cutoffs before plugging the motor in. You should see and hear the water in the tube run down to the canister. As it does, more water will siphon out of the tank and continue to fill the can from bottom to top and then up the outgoing tube to the tank. This flow will stop when the outgoing tubing is full to the tank water level. At this point, plug the motor in and it should boost the water over the tank edge and pull more in.
There is likely to be some iar trapped in the canister and it will gurgle and make noise at first. To speed getting this air out, try slowly tilting the canister and rotate the tilt so that all the air is let out. At that point it should be nearly dead quiet if the impeller is not scored or ruined.
Very good filters and I would not consider changing if this one works. Expect some water to leak out if too many clips are missing, so use a pan to catch water!!!!
Think of the filter as a siphon to pull water out of the tank and then a small motor to kick that water up and over the tank edge. Putting water in the canister or other tubing will cause trouble, in many cases.
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First, welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new setup. Be cautious because this can be an extremely addictive hobby. Before you know it you're going to have multiple tanks!

Second, the aquaclear hang on back style filters are an excellent choice. For a first timer, I'd definitely go with that over a canister filter. IMO it's much easier to clean and service than a canister, but that's just my opinion, I'm just not a huge fan of canister filters. I'd go with the AC 70. A little extra flow and bio filtration never hurts!

congrats, have fun and don't be afraid to post pictures. Cheers!
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