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I have
16 Malawa shrimp (2 berried females) in a 5 gal
about 30 Blue Bee shrimp (10 berried) in a 15 gal
3 CPOs (2 berried) in a 10 gal
12 juvenile OE Blue Tigers and about 20 juvenile RCS in a 10 gal
All tanks are heavily planted with sponge filters. I have been doing weekly 15% water changes and the shrimp are doing fine but I am wondering if I am doing too many water changes. The only other critters in the tanks are MTSs and in a few assassin snails. How often and how much water do you change in tanks similar to my set ups? BTW I use only R/O water for the water changes and add equilibrium for the plants to get the TDS to about 120 to 150. I also add cuddle bone and oyster calcium tablets for the shrimp but does not affect the TDS by much, as it never goes about 150.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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