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Frequency of feeding

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How often do you feed your inverts? I have a 1 gal with 2 adult ramshorns and some babies, of course, and 5 ghost shrimp. It has a few plants that have been in there for almost 1 month now and lots of poo, not for lack of vacuuming with an airline. (How do such tiny animals produce so much poo??)
How often should I be feeding them? I've been dropping in goldfish pellets and/or algae wafer crumbs every 2-3 days and they are always devoured. Does this seem like too much?

I should mention that I do have a filter on the tank -Azoo Palm- and it gets weekly water changes (working on finding what % works well).
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+1 depends on a lot. I have a tank of wicked aggressive crystals that have to be fed every day or they will start attacking each other. My Taiwans are fine every other day or every 3 days because they aren't as aggressive. It's dependent to the aggression of the colony, shrimp species, biofilm, etc. My tibees were the same way, wicked aggressive and had to be fed every day and protein twice a week minimum. That's not saying all crystals are like that or all tibees, just my particular colonies.
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