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Frequency of feeding

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How often do you feed your inverts? I have a 1 gal with 2 adult ramshorns and some babies, of course, and 5 ghost shrimp. It has a few plants that have been in there for almost 1 month now and lots of poo, not for lack of vacuuming with an airline. (How do such tiny animals produce so much poo??)
How often should I be feeding them? I've been dropping in goldfish pellets and/or algae wafer crumbs every 2-3 days and they are always devoured. Does this seem like too much?

I should mention that I do have a filter on the tank -Azoo Palm- and it gets weekly water changes (working on finding what % works well).
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yeah ramshorns make a lot of poo. 2-3 days is probably fine with the small number of shrimp you have in a small tank. you can maybe break it up into small pieces and increase the frequency and still be ok. just be careful. you dont want to overfeed and ruin your water.
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