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Free Water Sprite/ WTB MTS

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I can't stop the water sprite I have from growing like a super fertilized weed. I have it floating-not planted.
If anyone would like some please let me know. I'll be throwing out quite a bit within the next couple of days.

I'm also looking for 3 or 4 MTS. If anyone has any let me know. Maybe we can trade. I also have a bunch of red cherry shrimp I could trade.

PM me and let me know.
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I have a lot of MTS snails. Do you want to trade?

I have never traded before on this site. How do you do this?. Anyway I would love some water sprite.

I am pretty close to you and have some you can have. You could come here and get them or I could meet you somewhere more public? Let me know. :)
I would prefer to do this locally rather than having to ship. Thanks for the offer, I appreciate it.

Are you going to the GCCA swap meet. Maybe we could set up something for that day? If not I work in Burr Ridge and could stop by any day after work.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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