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Free shipping! Sunfish Aquarium Planters - Limpet Moss Mounts - Riparium Planters

This is a special free shipping deal for these plant care accessories that I have developed. Don't miss out! I'll ship any quantity and any combination of these items free of charge.

Sunfish Aquarium Planter 2-pack

Use the Sunfish Aquarium Planter to mount plants anywhere on your aquarium glass with sufficient light. The Sunfish will maximize your growing space and enrich livestock habitat. Use the Sunfish to position more demanding plants closer to the aquarium lighting for faster growth.

The Sunfish measures about 2" X 2" X 2" and has an inside volume of about 1/3 US cups.

Fill the Sunfish around plant roots with your favorite plant substrate. As long as you keep the glass and suction cup surfaces clean, the heavy-duty suction cup will hold well for a long time.

Also use the Sunfish as a tiny riparium planter!

Take the Sunfish Aquarium Planter 2-pack at the regular $14 price with free shipping

Limpet Moss Mount - Nano 2-pack

The Limpet Moss Mount - Nano is a fun new way to plant aquarium mosses and other plants that grow well mounted, such as smaller Anubias, Java fern and Bucephalandra.

The Limpet - Nano is 4" in length.

In laser-cut, crystal clear acrylic, the Limpet has numerous lacing notches that you can use to secure your plant with fine monofilament line or thread.

The Limpet Moss Mount can expand the growing area in your tank to any glass surface with sufficient light. Use the Limpet with mounted plant as a unique aquascape feature and to enrich habitat for your aquarium livestock.

Take the Limpet Moss Mount - Nano 2-pack with free shipping for $10.

Riparium Planter 2-pack

New design!

The Riparium Planter is an excellent choice for most of the best riparium plants. Like the Sunfish planter, it uses the ingenious Tab & Slot Joint to make a sturdy planter cup. Measuring about 4" in length, the Riparium Planter holds about one cup of gravel substrate. The heavy-duty suction cup holds much better and lasts longer than the thinner plastic suction cups supplied with most aquarium accessories.

For best results, use true marginal aquatic plants with your riparium planter.

Take the Riparium Planter 2-pack with frees shipping for $20.
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