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**FREE Pleco Lecture by Barbie Fiorentino** - Presented by GSAS

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**FREE Pleco Lecture by Barbie Fiorentino** - Presented by GSAS

The Greater Seattle Aquarium Society (GSAS) is pleased to sponsor a free lecture on Plecostomus and Loricariids by the "Pleco Queen", Barbie Fiorentino of Aquarium Solutions in Spokane. Barbie is an avid hobbyist and currently maintains about 1600 gallons of water in 28 tanks in her home and about 2600 gallons in the store. She keeps and raises many rare Plecos and her presentation will cover differences in dietary needs, caves, water parameters, shapes of mouth structure, collection locales, and how that all relates to spawning. .

The lecture will be next Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 at 7:30PM at Seattle Pacific University; Otto Miller Hall; Room 109; West Nickerson Street and 3rd Avenue West

Doors will open around 7:10PM; the meeting will start at about 7:30PM

The lecture will be followed by a short auction

Open to the public, no entrance fee

Family friendly but no childcare provided
Free parking, accessible building, no furry or feathered pets
Go to GSAS.ORG for more information and directions
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Bump - Two days and counting!
Tomorrow night!
Hey Roy,

I will not be able to make it :( but here's a question: Will it be recorded?
Hi Caton,

I'm not sure, but I believe not. Our videographer is getting ready to leave for AGA.
Tonight! Doors open shortly after 7:00, meeting starts at 7:30. Visit, trade, check out the 'Mini-Auction' table before the meeting starts.
Hi Caton,

Barbie did a very good presentation; I did not realize that she is one of the top authorities of pleco breeding in the world and that she has bred pleco species that no one else has...including Frog and Zebra!

The good news is Eric did a video recording and I believe it will be available for member download. He is at AGA this week so it will probably be available in a couple of weeks. Watch 'airstone' for the updates.
Yus! Thank you!
Will this video be available for members of TPT???? cause that would be sweeeeet! If so let us know when its up!
You have to be a member of GSAS, its like $15 for a years membership and you get to see most videos and they put out a newsletter. I think its worth it to buy the membership, if I miss one I can watch it on my own time.
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