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Free Plants!

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It has been claimed via the SNS

Well I've placed it to the SNS.

Why hello, dear fellow Coloradan. Today I am presenting one cool Plant Package for free! Yes, as Coloradans we should be nice and share with each other, right.

Anyways, this lone package was for Mr. Noahma, but certain circumstances have arisen. So the next package is definitely reserved for him. Anyways this package should consists of:

Rotala rotundifolia
Rotala macranda green
Rotala colorata
Ludwigia ArcuataxRepens
Hygrophila Tiger
Hygrophila Sunset
E. vesusvius (plantlets not full-growns)

Here is the CATCH!!! If you want this and are not in Fort Collins or the surrounding area, you must be able to meet me sometime after 12PM (I don't wake up until 10:30am) TOMORROW at one of these locations:

Petsmart, Longmont
Petco, Longmont
Pacific Ocean Marketplace, Broomfield

If you are in Northern Colorado, I will meet only at the Fort Collins Petsmart.
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