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Free Guppies, North Austin, Come and Get 'Em!

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Howdy TPT People,

I've got a 135 gallon community tank with a bunch of guppies. How many? Well, my wife and I started out two years ago with two pregnant females. Then, well....they did what guppies do.

In order to keep my tank healthy I'd like to find new homes for some of these guys. I can't really say what color strain they are. We have females that are blonde and females that are gray. Males tend to have a large full (delta??) tail with orange coloration. They aren't the most gorgeous strain ever but they'd be perfect if you're looking to get a new tank going. I can say they are hardy and appear free of disease. They could also be used as feeders. As long as they get handled humanely I really don't care weather they end up.

So, I'm putting three dozen up for grabs (for free). Take as many or as few as you would like. Just reply with the number you want on this thread so we can keep a tally of how many of the three dozen are spoken for.

If possible, I'd like to arrange pick up this weekend. If not, future weekends are possible as well.

Once you reply I will PM you with my address where you can pick up the fish.

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Hello, are guppies still available? Thanks
Howdy Vstone,

Unfortunately those guppies have moved on. I tried for three weeks to find someone to take them. I even tried to give them to a cashier at HEB. In the end I scooped them all out and took them to Fish Gallery.

I do currently have two healthy breeding trios of blonde lower swordtail guppies up for sale. $15.00 per trio. Definitely not feeders but a great way to start a new tank and they breed like crazy.

Let me know if you're interested.
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