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Free Glosso. Oahu only.

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So I bought some Glosso from Petland afew months ago and it didn't do too well in my tank. I pulled some out and stuck them in a pot I made out of a soda bottle which I covered with saran wrap. It has now grown to fill the entire "pot". Not sure what to do with it so I'm just gonna give it away. So first person to respond can pick it up. Local pick up only. Waipahu
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Just wanted to say thank you so much for the Glosso. Just finished prepped & planted the sprigs tonite. Still have a few segments that I left in the soda container. Sprayed the plants & covered w/cellophane. Will let it grow just like you did and put it up as a local RAOK on TPT for someone else. Mahalo again for helping me with this new project and it was nice meeting another aquarist. :bounce:


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Likewise. Keep us posted on your project.

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