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I'm sure this is a familiar story... I had a ten gallon tank I used only for growing plants, then one day I decided there might as well be fish in there. So I adopted three platies from the orphan tank at the local store. Now, a few months later, there are at least 20 in there, from several different generations.

Now I need to find a home for a few of the rapidly growing juveniles. Take one, take two, take a dozen. There are a few colors- mostly varieties of orange, blue, black, sometimes mixed together.

Teach your kids about the birds and the bees (these fish get pregnant basically as soon as they are physically able), fill some empty space in a large tank, try your hand at keeping fish with a hardy and colorful feed, or whatever else (I'd rather you not feed them to other fish, but it's a free country). Finally, if this helps your decision, today I saw three of them going to town on some BBA.

I live in Capitol Hill in Seattle and have a pretty flexible schedule. If you want any of these little guys, just send me a message and we can work something out.


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