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Free floating plants many available

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I have a bunch of frogbit with some silvini minima and duckweed to give away if anyone wants any let me know quick though it is sitting in a bucket with no light so it will start dying otherwise to the trash it goes although that would be unfortunate.
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If you guys come out that way I could give you a scoop of Silvini minima out of my 2.5. It just enough to get a smaller tank started. Around the Geneva Batavia area
I'm located in batavia il if anybody is still intrested pm me and if I don't have enough for everyone I will have more soon
No one wants any still got all of it and will have to through it out soon
not this time

I have too many changes coming up for my tank I need to hold off. Adding driftwood and a shrimo rearing area.
Ok understandable but If you need any in the future ill probably be able to get you some still because it grows like a weed so just pm me
Yes there is lots of frogbit and there's a little salvini minima and a piece or two of regular salvini but I just throw it out but that's ok I just scooped out enough to fill a entire ten gallon
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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