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Three dwarf gouramis (seem to be fine but quite stressed from a big move), two otocinclus, a handful of guppies, one peppered cory, four "golden" white cloud mountain minnows.

Fish rescue from somebody moving x 2 - I've got no room for more tanks right now and no tanks to take these fish, if you want them come get them. I'll even provide tupperwares for transit.

If you need a tank for them I have a 20 long with an UPaqua fancypants ceramic air filter ready to rock for you. I also have a 10 gallon for the asking. Tanks are in very good condition with no scratches, very good silicone, complete unbroken bracing. No lids or lights.

I'll trade the tanks for any aquarium plants or shrimp (plz no fish unless they're related to "lake inle, myanmar") or something in the OK bottle of wine/six pack of a good oregon cider or IPA range. If you wanna take it all I'll throw in a bunch of goodies like heaters and air pumps and a water change bucket and some shrimp stuff.

PM me for details or reply on twitter - @jarvitron
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