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Hi all,

I am moving soon and need to give my fish and plants away to a good home. I've had them for the past year and have taken very good care of them (have had no deaths). I live in Royal Oak and am moving next weekend and would like to have someone pick them up next weekend if possible.

The fish are:
-11 glowlight tetras
-6 black kuhli loaches
-2 amano shrimp
-1 Bolivian ram
-2 nerite snails (1 olive, 1 horned)

Plants are lots water sprite, cryptocorynes, and java fern. Some of the plants have a small amount of dark algae on them but it seems to be very easily controlled; the algae has been on some of the leaves and I just pluck every so often. Dosing with flourish excel seems to keep it in check. A short dip in diluted bleach will easily get rid of it I'm sure.

I would prefer they are all taken by one person and not taken piecemeal. I have a picture of the aquarium they are in attached.

I am also selling the aquarium and its accessories (20 gallon long tank, stand, aquaclear 30, Hydor 100w heater, Finnex Stingray, pieces of driftwood).

Please let me know if there are takers! Thanks!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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