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I ran by Petsmart today and spotted something that had apparently hitch-hiked into their X-ray tetra tank somehow, as they don't seem to carry this species. It's a nice Celebes rainbowfish, about 2" long, and it seems to be healthy. I don't see any signs of illness, at least. It's currently in a mesh hatchery in one of my tanks, and don't worry, this tank is fairly new and hasn't had any disease in it (to my knowledge).
I've done a little bit of research, and I've decided that I can't care for this rainbow, at least not without buying a bunch more. Also, my heavily planted tank (which they need) is reserved for very small fish. This fellow, while beautiful, is far too large to go in there. My other freshwater tank is simply too sparsely planted to keep him happy.
Would you like him? He's free, though I'd greatly appreciate some Java moss/fern, some hornwort, a few low-grade neo shrimp, or some anubias in return.
I'd really prefer if you'd come pick him up. Post here if interested or if you want another picture.
Note: I have no idea if it's a male or a female.
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