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I recently found a huge (4"!) aptasia anemone in my saltwater tank, on a smallish rock, and I wanted it dead. Here's what I did:
I removed the rock, very slowly so as not to alarm the anemone and cause it to release babies.
I then placed it in a container with a bit of tank water, aptasia side up, with the anemone out of water.
I got a toothpick and poked the aptasia until it scrunched itself up into a little ball. Since it was out of water, if it released baby aptasia, they wouldn't go anywhere.
Then I got a tube of Super-Glue and absolutely covered the pest in it. I made sure it was completely covered, then used the toothpick to poke holes in the anemone, and filled the holes with glue as well.
I gave the glue a few hours to set, then covered it with a scrap of plastic bag just in case there was a bit still wet. I didn't want my snails getting glue on them.
It's been two weeks since I did this, and that aptasia is still just a small, white, dead patch on the rock, with no life whatsoever. What's more, there aren't any more anemonies. Score one for the Super-Glue!
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