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Found My ACF Dead...? (graphic description..)

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My albino ACF injured his nose and it appeared to have a bump on his arm, both appeared to be infected, so I quarantined him and dosed some Furan-2 today.

Hours later, I find him dead. His entire face, including his skull, was blood red and blood was dripping from his mouth. When I netted him to bring him out, the pressure started squeezing blood/slime out of his mouth.. Im not really sure what happened. This has me freaking out, because if it was a disease, its the fasting acting disease I've ever encountered!!
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Sounds like an overdose. It's a powerful drug.
I thought so too. However, I used the exact recommendations. That was the first thing I checked :| Maybe even recommended amounts are too much for an amphibian... I dont know :(
Could be. Frogs don't have scales for protection.
If I remember correctly, amphibian doses are 1/2 or 1/3 of fish doses, and I do not think you can use all meds safely with them. Look for herp forums and a vet that is familiar with amphibians. They would be able to tell you more.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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