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forest in aquarium - Aquascape low cost

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Hello to all,
I wanted to introduce you to one of my last aquariums
An attempt aquascape cheap

As you can see from the photo it was dark under the trees

In the video I delete a lot of moss to penetrate again a little light

Amandae, rasbore, tetrazone, corydoras e red cherry

moss, crypto, pellia, riccia, anubias, microsorum

Let me know what you think
thank you
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i really like this one. the scene is on point. it really does look like a forest. it gives the whole tank a full look.
Thanks, I'm glad you like it

I put a few more photos

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That looks really great. Definitely looks like a romp through the woods!
thanks SwissCheeseHead and toadpher
What kind of wood is that?

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What kind of wood is that?

branches of alder :smile2:
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