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-Forest Grove ADA 60-P & 45-F

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6/25/14 Update
Recent FTS pg. 2

Yes, yes I know another 60-P. I swear they are breeding like rabbits right now, but this is my third go at it. I plan to fill it sometime during the winter holidays.

I made a time lapse of scaping and planting.[email protected]/p58i94

And here it is one week later

Tech Specs:
Filter: SunSun 302
Heater: Hydor 200w Inline heater
Light: Nova Extreme 2x24w SLR T-5
CO2: Pressurized CO2/Cerge's/purigen reactor
Stand: DIY

Glossostigma elatinoides
Hemianthus glomertus
Rotala sp. ‘Green’
Rotala rotundifolia
Rotala nanjenshan
River stone

Trident Java Fern
Crypt parva
Fissidens (mini?)
Pellia (mini?)
Willow moss

Ember Tetras
German Blue Ram
Amano Shrimp
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Not much of an update for the 60p but I got a 45f. I want to do a low maintenance iwagumi and have it in my built in cabinet. It will probably be a few months before I do anything with it, but I have the light, filter, heater, and plants already. We will need to modify the cabinet a bit to fit it. I am also thinking to have it be shrimp only, no CO2 and hopefully a lot less work than the 60P.

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Nope, no pics. It looks the same as last week, and there has been a blip with getting my reactor shipped so it's not filled yet.
1/3/14 New Year Pics
Reactor set to get here on the 7th, then it's fill time.

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I finally ordered the parts needed for the reactor, and maybe I'll fill it soon. I must say, I'm enjoying this low maintenance thing. I also did a quick photoshop job to illustrate better the scape and location for the 45-F.

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Thanks! I'm really happy with its' progression
I set everything up yesterday and filled it. I think it looks great, now I will order the Trident Java fern, Crypt parva, mini pellia, mini fissidens and willow moss.

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That looks really awesome. Has really good depth.
Love the scape and the layout. Nice job! The 45f idea seems really sweet too, can't wait to see the progress with that!
It has grown a lot. I plan to let the plants grow all the way to the top then trim them and repeat a few times until the stems are nice and bushy. I also ordered the rest of the plants which should get here soon.

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Scape is looking good - can't wait to see it filled in!
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