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Foreground plants growing together

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Is it a bad idea to allow two different foreground plants grow into each other and become entangled? I am toying with the idea of having one or more of H.C., H.M., and/or glosso grow in the same area and not keeping them strictly separated. This doesn't mean I would be planted them all together, just that they may border on each other and creep into the neighboring species' patch.
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It isn't necessarily a bad idea, you'll just end up with a hodge-podge foreground.

I think you'll also find that one or two of the plants you use in your "mixed foreground" might not follow its intended growth pattern.

The Hm and Glosso for instance. The Hm will overtake the Glosso most likely. While it will look pretty cool for a while the Glosso growth would probably be more upright than ground hugging as it fights the hm for light. In turn, the faster growing Glosso would most likely overtake the slower growing Hc.

It's not a bad thing at all. Keep in mind that eventually, one or the other will win. It's usually glosso.

Ninja posted!
I'm mixing a creeping rotala goias with
elatine triandra on my latest foreground.
trust me, it's going to look glorious ;)
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