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Foreground plant suggestions needed (pic inside)

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I rescaped my 40 breeder planted recently and left a big area on the left side empty. I had planned on planting some Lilaeopsis mauritiana (mauritius) there, but I'm not sure if that is what I want.

Here is a FTS from 9/30:

Some info about the tank:

40 breeder
4x39w Tek T5HO (2 6000K midday bulbs, 2 aqua flora bulbs)
pressurized co2 diffused via powerhead
Aquasoil II substrate

I've had HC as a foreground and it didn't do well with my random dosing (I forget sometimes). Elatine triandra was the same way. I've had Dwarf Hairgrass in the tank before and it grew everywhere (not just the foreground) so I don't want it.

Other than those....what suggestions do you all have for a plant on that left side. I want it to be kinda like a meadow for my dwarf cories.

What do you think would work??
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It's all up to you as far as foreground.... With those lights, there are few that you cannot grow. There are many choices to keep in mind:

Riccia, Pelia, Subwassertang, moss, marimo ball, marselia, glosso, dwarf sag, HM, creeping hygros, microsword, chain sword, blyxia, hydrocotyle sp, etc...

It all depends on what you want. HM requires a bit of maintenance to keep short, and some are invasive with there runners, (like glosso) Some grow painfully slow or are hard to keep attached to the substrate... I like the look of hairgrass myself. Most foregrounds can be improved (IMO) with a single "accent" plant like hydrocotyle or a cushion of riccia/other liverwort. Mixing too many ruins the effect though.

I have only ever had moss, DHG, lemna trisulca and riccia. Still I am nooby but hey... I research a lot lot.

There is a final option that can make or break a layout: SAND foreground. It can have sparse vegetation, IE something grassy, in the corners, and a bit of driftwood hanging over... Lots of grayish stones...

My 2 cents...
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I would go with e.tenellus, it would look great in that setup.
I think your initial idea of lileaopsis maruitiana is great, I think tanks like this look fantastic with grassy forgrounds.

UG might look really cool if you want a lighter option. And you could definately grow it with your set up.

If you're loking for somthing really different, a moss carpet would be cool. Christmas or taiwan would give a nice texture, and would be very low maintenance. (it may be more prone to debris though.)
Pile of dark rocks on the left with Anubius Barteri 'nana' growing over it & spreading across the foreground. Would offer great contrast to the rest of your plants. Either that or a carpet of moss as previously suggested would look good.

I would personally do the Aubius covered rocks, (or bogwood), & leave some of the substrate exposed at the front just like on the right side of your tank. Leaving the open substrate at the front will add to the depth perspective.
Thanks for the suggestions! I appreciate it. :)

FWIW I plan to cover that whole open area on the left and not really the foreground (except on that left part). I suppose my post was a little confusing.

I think maybe I'll try the L. mauritiana and see how it goes. I could always sell it if it didn't work out for me.

I will consider the Anubias on rock idea, fishedout. I definitely like it!
I have some of the L. mauritiana in my tank. It would look nice in your tank, but E. tenellus would too. The chain sword would probably fill in a lot faster if you're a little impatient.
Im experimenting with trithura sp. as a foreground plant in my nano. In a tank as big as yours it may be impossible to do before you change the whole scape but IMO it looks like grass.
i vote blyxa japonica. it has a medium height and a redish tone to it that would fit nice with the rest of your plants. i think you should will in 3/4 of that open area with blyxa and maybe some hc or hm to fill in the small area in the front
Wow very lush and natural looking!

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