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*****Deal has been made and completed. Thanks to all for your inquiries!!*********

Hello all! Please let me start by saying that this will be pick up/meet up/delivery (within reasonable distance) only in NJ/NYC area.

I have a school of black skirt tetras that I need to rehome. The school consists of 5 regular black skirts, 2 high fin black skirts and 1 electric green. The electric green DOES school with the others. These fish are all very active and healthy. I feed them Ken's premium flake food, freeze-dried bloodworms and blanched peas. They also pick on algae wafers and veggie sticks that are meant for the cories and whisker shrimp. The reason I am rehoming is because I am having a population explosion in that tank, and I have decided to go in a new direction. Unfotunately, these black skirts are the odd fish out, as the plan is to stock smaller fish.

I am not looking for much as far as a deal goes. I am looking for a few cherry barbs (up to 4), 2 or 3 albino cories, 5 red cherry shrimp (to add diversity to my rcs tank) or low light/low maintenance plants. To make the deal a little nicer, I can throw in a few guppy fry, red cherry shrimplets and/or 2 or 3 endler fry (all fry/shrimplets are unsexed as they are still too young). If you want to offer something else for trade or just buy them outright, just make an offer. Please pm with questions, or you can e-mail me: creic38 AT yahoo dOt com.

****Guppy fry, Endler fry and RCS are only available if you are taking the school of tetras, at this time.

They are coming from this can see them near the breeder net:


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