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Super Red Bristlenose Pleco M/M/F Trio or 6+2 Pack
Guaranteed 2x Male and 1x female with Trio - $70/Trio
Guaranteed 1X male with 7x 2" or bigger fish with pleco pack. - $40/Pack

About My Fish
  • Parent fish are unrelated and a mature pair (Male is 6"+). Pair is 6 years old. I originally purchased them as my algae team for my planted aquariums.
  • M/M/F Plecos are 12-14 months old and sexually mature but are not yet proven breeders. I do have siblings from this group that are already breeding. Provided with the right conditions and they can start breeding in 3-4 months or sooner
  • M/M/F Guaranteed Trio - You won't get sleeper males from my pairs since females are egg bound.
  • Males are 3"+ and females are 2" to 2.5" in size. I ship out handsome males with longer bristles. My policy is to sell and ship the biggest fish first! You can also select smaller males. Please also look at my photo on how I determine my females.
  • Juvi Plecos are 8+ months old 2" or bigger juvi or unsexed fish.
  • Pleco pack has guaranteed 1x male - I will ship out a big male with your order if available.
  • Extra Males available at $10 per male fish
  • Extra Juvi fish is available for $5 each fish
Bristlenose plecos are not very picky eaters but I provide them with quality food. The main foods listed are my go-to food for my plecos but other food can be introduced by gradually feeding it to them. Other listed foods are given as a snack or treat (twice or once a week or once ever 2 weeks). This ensures the fish have a varied diet.

  • Repashy Soilent Green - main food
  • Zucchini - main food. washed with hot water
  • Xtreme Scraper wafer - main food
  • Xtreme Monster pellets - main food w/ light feeding
  • Omega Catfish pellets - snack
  • Fluval Pleco Bug Bites - snack
  • Green Beans - snack
  • Frozen brine shrimp - snack
Water Parameters
  • Water Temp: 78
  • TDS: 120 to 160 TDS
  • PH: 6.2 to 6.6
  • I ship using USPS Priority Mail - No Live Arrival Guarantee. NO fish replacement or refunds provided for this shipping option except for CA customers. I have good experience shipping fish with this method as long as buyer is familiar how quickly priority mail gets to their location
    Estimate for USPS Priority
    WEST COAST - 2-3 Days (CA, NV) - w/ Live Arrival Guarantee
    CENTRAL - 3-4 Days
    EAST COAST - 4-5 Days (AL, NY, VA)
  • I ship using USPS Express (preferred) - Live Arrival Guarantee - For my guarantee, I will ONLY offer to replace dead fish BUT buyer pays shipping. Buyer must send 4 clear pictures of the dead fish in the sealed bag.
    USPS will not refund me for missed delivery dates on USPS Express. They give no explanation and we cannot get a refund for shipping if they miss the delivery date. Also, be mindful of the delays as deliveries take 1 day longer to get to their destination as of October 2021.
  • Fish are put on fasting 24 hours before being shipped. Reduced fish poop in the bag ensures better survival during shipping.
  • I ship Mondays for all orders and I can ship Tuesdays for West coast orders ONLY
  • Fish are individually double-bagged using 4 mil polybags (total 8 mil for 2 bags) that are sealed with an impulse sealer. I also use pure oxygen for each bag.
  • Fish are shipped in styrofoam insulated box. I use a hot wire cutter for my insulation.
  • Heatpacks are available and will be provided at no extra cost
  • Buyer must provide zip code to get shipping cost after auction closes. I reserve the right to refuse an order is the temps are too extreme to ship fish safely.
About Payment
  • Payment by Paypal Only

Please contact me if you have any question regarding my fish Thanks for shopping!

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