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Hello shrimpers I Have some shrimps for sale. They have been breed in my tanks here in Florida for last 3-4 years.
Water parameter are just regular for those types of shrimps. They are pretty hardy because I don’t like to spoil them much. WC twice a month, lots of greens for food. Almost no supplements.
Attachments are some random pictures of my tanks.
Please watch your weather prior ordering.
Shipping is $15 for USPS priority and $35 for USPS Express. If the purchase amount is greater than $165 I’ll subtract $15 from total cost.

Benibachi PRL $8
Benibachi PBL $10

Royal tigers $14

Blue Bolts $8 random scoop
Shadow pandas $11
BKK 1 -1.5 white bar $10

/Wine reads are just regular WR with 2-4 white bars The difference is that you can choose them to produce more No-Entry WR or Red Ruby WR . No Entry are much harder to achieve, though./

Wine reds {cools coming from one bar and extreme red ruby tank} $14
Wine reds {cools coming from No entry Wine red tank} $16

Black pintos everything but zebra ones - SOLD
Red pintos everything but zebra ones - SOLD
If you can find better prices somewhere please let me know and we will work things out.


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