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For sale or trade :)

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I have a bunch of stuff for sale some for freshwater some for salt

I want to sell these items and/or trade for these items

things I'm willing to trade for (fire red shrimp,crystal red shrimp, rili shrimp, red or orange cherry shrimp etc..., plant fertilizers, corals, plants) PM me what you may have to offer and we can work something out.

the whole lot of em'

- Kent Nano Reef part A&B (used once, full bottle $5)
-Kent Purple Tech (less than a quarter used $2)
- Hydor Flo Rotating Deflector Wave Maker (never used $5)

-Finnex Pure-5 HOB 30 GPH filter *used as a mini refugium for a 5 gallon saltwater setup* ($5)

-Aqua Clear 20 HOB filter (well established filter $10)

SOLD - Wave-point 6-Inch 8-Watt Daylight Micro Sun LED High Output Clamp Light ($10) SOLD

- Catalina 10" Aquarium Power 27 watt Compact light fixture * Legs expand up to 16" * (one light bulb needs replacing) ($45)

I live in napa but I'm willing to meet within a reasonable ditance i.e fairfield, vallejo, benica, sonoma...), pm for pricing thanks :)

PM if you are interested, please let me know if you want trade, or buy.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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