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I don't do this anymore
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Hey guys! Decided I had some more plants I needed to clear out. I've got some Subwassertang, Rotala Colorata, Brazilian Pennywort, and Bacopa Monnieri (AKA Moneywort). All are grown in a medium light, no CO2 or fertilizers tank (For fear of killing shrimp), so they are all quite hardy.

First up: Brazilian Pennywort (Hydrocotyle Leucocephala). I have about 10 stems, some have roots, some will not. $1.00 per stem. They are algae free. Generic snail warning!! All plants may have snails and/or snail eggs!

Next is the Bacopa Monnieri (Moneywort). Algae free. I have 5 stems. $0.75 per stem.

Next is the Rotala Colorata. Note: I don't know if it is for sure Rotala Colorata, they all look so similar. I have 5 stems. $0.75 per stem.

It is in the center of the picture.

Lastly, I have Subwassertang. About 2-3 golf balls, I dunno. $5 per golf ball, algae free.

I can't put in any extras, as I am selling all I have of these plants.

$7.00 in Styrofoam insulated, newspaper coated box, with tracking number. Shipped Priority. I will ship out Monday, since tomorrow is my birthday ;) .

Important! DOA Policy: I explicitly ask for a clear photo of the dead plant(s) within 2 hours of delivery. DOA policy is void for whatever delay in transit or if for some reason you were not able to receive the package on the first delivery attempt. I will refund cost of the plants only.

My feedback speaks for itself! I'm reasonable, honest, and quick to respond. If you have any questions, comments, or an order, lemme know!
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