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FOR SALE - N. multifasciatus & blue dream velvet shrimp

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I need to free up space in a couple of tanks so that I can move on to other interests. For sale are 3 “families” of N. multifasciatus, each consisting of 1 full grown dominant male (from a breeder in UT), several F adults (& probably young Ms (from UT & Tampa, FL stock), 8-10+ juvies/fry, together with 8-10 escargot shells that probably contain eggs. $15/family + $15 shipping & handling.

Also 10+2 blue dreams 1/2” or larger juveniles, mixed sex raised in my tanks with very hard Jacksonville water for $45 or 5+1 for $25 + $15 shipping & handling. The additional 1-2 shrimp should cover any DOAs, but more likely will be extra shrimp for you. Several packages available.

I am technically challenged and do not know how to post pictures, but I can provide them or answer any questions if you PM me with your text #. Tracking # will be provided when shipment is made. Shipping will be on Saturday. Our FL weather is already warm, so please make arrangements for the PO to hold your mail at the time the package is expected. I do not have cool packs. In case of DOA (only with pkgs picked up at the PO on the day of arrival), I will work with you to replace/refund animals, excluding shipping.
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Nice. Wish I had a couple more tanks.
Could you post pics of the shrimp?
Below the reply box, there is a "Drag and Drop File Upload". You can simply open your "My Pictures" and drag a photo into that box and it will upload.

Happen to know the exact water parameters the shrimp have been raised in? (pH, GH, KH, TDS, temperature, if you know any of those)
I manage by conductivity, which is 810. TDS = 380 - 385, GH = 300, KH = 300, pH 8-8.5.

Thanks for the directions on posting pic. I open my picture, but don't know how to get TPT open on same screen so I can "drag." I said up front I'm technically challenged. Happy to text pic if you provide #.
Just make the "My Pictures" window smaller so it will overlay the the TPT thread page, then drag over a picture into that box. Drag in the corners/sides of the window/page frame or click "restore down" (two squares icon) next to the "X/close" button at the top right corner of the page/window.
Thanks for the continued direction. Below are pics of some of the juvies available, with some of the larger shrimp.


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