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Hey guys. I haven't been to this forum for many years and don't remember my username, but this forum and the community was what got me into planted tanks years ago. LONG [maybe funny] story ahead.

Anyway, my SunTek lamp T-5s (I don't even remember which model it's been so many years) bulbs blew so I thought I'd dive into LED. Looked into this site and ordered an LED lamp from Build My LED.

Had the wonderful people there custom make the lamp following the BuildMyLED 5000k planted tank spectrum lighting thread you can find on Google. Lamp finally came in about last week and looks beautiful IMO.

Anyway, my dad who is very senile btw [I'm sorry dad but it's the truth] happened to come back from out of country to live with me and nonchalantly adopted my fish tank. It happened years ago but who knew him coming back would go back to his old roots. The first thing he did was put a bunch of gold fish in my tank. And I'm not sure if it's the rocks or random things he put in there but now there's algae on my plants. And ... he keeps messing with my timers and turning the LED lamp into a glorified night light. I kid you not. I keep changing it back only to discover my digital timers are set to turn on at oddball hours like 3 AM in the morning.

Since the light is a custom order with BuildMyLED, they cannot refund the lamp and frankly I've had enough with arguing with an old man about plants, lighting, CO2, gold fish, and over feeding.

So since the lamp is only one week (almost 2) old, I've made my decision to sell it and I'm hoping someone on here would like to get it off of me.

Meanwhile, I'm just gonna leave the tank as is and let him turn it into a gold fish tank. Afterall, resistance is futile.

Umm.. i paid $298.35 for it :icon_cry: .... but I'm willing to part with it for less so maybe $200 or OBO. I accept paypal and I'll ship to you UPS.

Umm some pics I uploaded to imgur. You can see some of the gold fish in one of the pics. :icon_sad: And this doesn't come with the hanging mount. The one you see in the pic is actually the hanging fixture I used from my old Suntek lamp.

If you need more pics or more info just send me a PM.

Edit 1: I charge for shipping because I'll have to ship the light in big long box. If you're serious about the light please give me your location such as your zip so I can see how much UPS is going to charge.

Edit 2:

A couple people asked about the Suntek Lights. They're 36'' SunTek T5-HO 120v 60hz 234 W. Re-lamp with T5-HO 39W bulbs it says on the label on the lamp. PM me an offer on it if interested. I'll also PM you pics since I don't know how to attach more pics here.


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