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Hello folks,

The newts in my tank were busy last winter and its time to move out the offspring to make things less crowded. I have 8 alpine newts for sale. These are juveniles about 6 to 8 months old. Some I can sex but I can not guarantee that I'm looking at a female or just an undeveloped male. I am not looking to ship these guys at this time so these are local pickup only in Maryland. I am located in Ellicott City. I am willing to drive a bit but not hours and hours so keep that in mind if you are interested. If you think you might be interested in these guys but are not sure, you can check out my journal in my signature which goes through my journey with them thus far. Here are pictures of some of the newts for sale:

These newts represent different hatching times with the larger coming a few months earlier.

Price is $40 per newt. Thank you for looking!
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