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Location: Westchase 33626

This is a custom 3 gallon planted tank, I painted the back black and added an oversized Top Fin Silentstream HOB filter (with flow control turned down). The top was modified to create an opening to grow plants out of. It includes a box of filters and I have Seachem Purigen in the filter. The substrate is Fluval Stratum, and the plants are Java Fern, Dwarf Sag and Dwarf Hair Grass. Includes Seachem Prime water conditioner, NA Thrive+ plant fertilizer, Fluval tools, mini substrate vac, a 1/2-gallon quarantine tank, new spare lights and there are two horned Nerite snails in the tank to clean the glass. The tank has been established for a year now!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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