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Jungle Vals: I have many will sell for $1 each
Unknown stem [believe it Ceylon Hygro] $1 each [10+ available]
Green Cabomba [or similar] $1 each

Mother Sword plant: atleast 13" heigh. $25
-I recently bought 2 BN plecos and have heard they sometimes take a likein to Swords so I decided I would sell the mother and keep the offspring. It does have some holes but its not too bad and with time can be repaired.

Shipping will be $6 and I can include a heat pack.

I will also trade for crypts, spiral vals, other cool looking plants [pics nice].
As I will have spaces to fill ance I move my 55g into the 120g.

I will try to get a picture on monday/tuesday depending if we get the memory card [i believe]. Or something that makes us not able to take the pictures. Im not sure what as its my moms camra and her hobby. I just love my fish and plants :p
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