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Ok built a set of pucks w/ heavy red emphasis, no whites.
This thread concentrated on a cyan centric lighting, though keep in mind again that color is completely adjustable but the point is to not need to dim more than necessary.
Seems to have worked out well.
Mind you, again on full there is not real "solid" cri but that wasn't exactly the point.

Here is a vid of the light. Beginning shows all diodes full as does the end. Rest is just playing w/ possibilities.
forgive the tank but I've become quite the proficient algea grower..

One thing that I've concluded is that no matter what something like Seneye registers as low K temps.. ie. 3000-ish

this set of diodes w/ no whites never really looks like it..

That is ,in my mind, a good thing.
Using sort of 5 "pure" colors (well some are pretty broad band but center around a err "purity"..

Anyways enjoy:
First the chart w/ a few caveats..

1) y axis is not calibrated
2) z axis is relatively correct.
3) For some reason the "green range" appears to register a bit low..but that is a long story.

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