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Fly magots

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Anybody tried fly magots as aquarium food? They are so easy to get all through the year (except for cold snaps).
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Make sure you rinse them first.. I've read in old fishkeeping books that said fish love the stuff... It's just a too messy and smelly to collect them unless you raise them in a sterile environment like how you would raise mealworms. I've never used them.

They're like 80% protein or something like that.

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if they are clean most species of fish i've offered them too snapped them up like candy.

I've been pondering how to raise them in a clean'ish medium. Downside is flies are one of nature's creatures that give me serious willies. I'll handle pretty much anything but i really dont like them :).

Mostly cause they land on crap then my food....that really annoys me. But i have used larva for small fish before and had a great reception to it :).

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