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Hey guys!
I have a 5.5 gallon planted Betta tank I want to rescape. I used FLUVAL STRATUM in this tank instead of the Eco-Complete I usually use. I remember when I planted the 5.5 gallon Betta tank, back in December/January, it was a PAIN to plant because the plants kept floating up since the STRATUM is so light and stem plants without roots would not even anchor. Not even the Amazon Compactas (Dwarf Amazon Swords) would plant correctly. The packaging states never to mix this substrate with any thing, but wouold it be OK to cap this stuff off with amybe 1/2 to 1inch of SEACHEM Flourite, Eco-Complete, or some gravel? If not, how would I make the plants stay in the substrate? I currently have about 1.5ish inches of STRATUM in my tank.
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