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Fluval Spec V 5 Gallon (56k)

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Day 1: Cleaned out the tank and bought drift wood

Day 2: Bought rocks


Day3: got ADA soil, started scaping, put HC, downoi, and s. repens in tank


Day 5: got my regulator

Day 6: bought UG

Day X: Growth

Yellow Shrimp (gold back shrimp)
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Hotness! Have a reef in my spec v but about to convert to a planted. Would you mind sharing your equipment list...light, co2 reg, etc?
Also I see some of your items in the photo. Are you running any sponge or bio in the rear compartment? Also did u upgrade the return pump with the maxi jet? Tanks looks phenomenal by the way!
Thank you haha.

basic Equipment:
Co2 5lb tank
Milwaukee Regulator
Flourish excel
Finnex Ray 2

ADA amazonia

got some driftwood and some rocks at CK.

Surprisingly the UG grew pretty fast.

In the rear i used the fluval bio, carbon, and purigen in the back.
I cover the filter hole with a sponge so the yellow shrimp dont get sucked in. (it was happening too often so i had to do something about it :/

A friend of mine gave me fertilizer for the plants but I heard that UG doesnt like fertilizer so if ur trying to go that route than i wouldnt use it. However the HC/ repens loved it.

The return pump is stock hahah. Didnt have money to upgrade it because I just got a 55 hex but it works like a charm.

If you have any questions let me know haha
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