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Fluval Spec - Terracotta and a plant?

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Hi all,

Thinking of restarting my Spec 2 in the coming weeks and having a really low-maintenance tank.

The plan is to go really simple. I want to have a terracotta pot cave in the back corner with a plant attached to the back of it/planted behind it. I'm thinking java fern but I've always had trouble attaching it to things, so how would I go about getting this to work?
I might put a crypt wendtii green next to the pot too so there isn't so much open space.

I imagine I could superglue the ferns to the hole in the back of the pot to stop my betta from getting stuck in there/keep the plants in the place, but I'm afraid it might look a little silly like that.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
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I have had good luck with just using cotton thread and tying it that way that I'd like it. I know a lot of people use super glue but I prefer the thread given that you can just remove it once that plant has attached itself to the driftwood/pot/etc.

I think until the plant fills in it would like a bit silly having a node of java fern sticking out the back of the pot. Just bury the pot deep enough that the hole isn't exposed.
How would I go about tying the plant to it? Should I tie it to the back and have the thread go all around the front of the opening to secure the plant?

Does that make sense?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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